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The Ginormous Climb!

Hundreds of heroes scaled the Hancock!  

Thank you to all of our climbers, volunteers, sponsors and supporters who made this year's Ginormous Climb a fabulous success!  The John Hancock Tower was full of heroes.  We are so grateful.  And, look forward to seeing you again next year!

The official event is over but climbers and teams are still accepting donations.  It's not too late to be a hero: helping kids feel safe, cope with trauma, seek justice and heal.

Children's Advocacy Center of Suffolk County

At the
Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County (CAC), we see heroes every day. 
Each year, over 1,300 children are referred to the CAC to talk  about abuse and violence in their lives. Their courage is heroic and they inspire all of us.

By climbing 60 floors to the top of the John Hancock Tower on March 28, 2015, you can be a hero, too! Your journey will begin with the challenge of raising awareness of child abuse, neglect and violence when you ask family, friends and colleagues to sponsor your Climb. The funds you help raise will support the young heroes that visit the CAC and their families on their journey of healing. 
Step Inside the CAC

Help us reach our goal of $75,000

$92,065 raised so far,   CONGRATULATIONS!


2015 Relive the Excitement
2014 Climber POV


Presenting Sponsors

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